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Magenta Angel

Irregular - Cropped Sweater

Irregular - Cropped Sweater

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Product Description:

The "Irregular" sweater is a stylish and contemporary piece of clothing that brings together modern design elements with comfort and warmth. This sweater is designed to offer a unique and eye-catching look while keeping you cozy during cooler weather.

The "irregular" hem feature suggests that the sweater has a hemline that is not uniform or straight, adding a touch of artistic flair and visual interest to the garment. This irregularity in the hemline can create a dynamic and asymmetrical silhouette that stands out from traditional sweater designs.

The "high neck" design implies that the sweater features a neckline that sits higher on the neck, which can add an element of sophistication and warmth. High necklines are not only fashionable but can also provide extra protection from chilly winds.

Size Chart:
Size Bust Sleeve Top Length
S 34 64 39
M 36 65 40
L 38 66 41
XL 40 67 42


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